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    Rocket Pile-up Komplet Skateboard - Chief - 7.75"

    Rocket Pile-up Complete Skateboard - Chief - 7.75"

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    Deck: 7 ply Hardrock MapleTrucks: 5’’ raw finish w/ Logo & 85a PU Cast cushionWheels: 52mm x 30mm 92aBearings: Abec 5

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Discover the Perfect Skateboard at ScootWorld - Large Selection of Quality Skateboards

Welcome to ScootWorld's collection of skateboards! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, we have the ideal skateboard for you. Our range includes complete skateboards from reputable brands such as Tony Hawk, Birdhouse and Speed ​​Demons as well as our own skateboard brand, SkatenHagen, which presents a wealth of fantastic designs.

Find Your Skateboard Match - Sizes and Styles for All Ages

We have skateboards in different sizes that are perfect for children and young people in the age group 6-13+. Whether you are in doubt about the right choice or have clear preferences, our dedicated team is ready to guide you. Our experienced employees are experts in skateboards and are ready to help both beginners and experienced skaters choose the optimal skateboard.

Start Your Skater Journey with the Right Choice

When you begin your journey as a skater, it is crucial to choose a skateboard that matches your abilities. Our range includes standard skateboards that are ideal for beginners. Our experienced team at ScootWorld are here to support you along the way and ensure you get off to the best possible start.

Skateboards for Experienced Skaters - Perfect Your Ride

For experienced skaters, ScootWorld offers a wide range of skateboards configured to accommodate different preferences and styles. Our webshop allows you to choose from complete skateboards in various configurations, ready to use. Alternatively, you can also choose individual parts and hardware to customize your skateboard and achieve a professional level of customization.

Prices, Quality and Development

The price of a skateboard varies depending on the quality. Our range includes entry level skateboards at reasonable prices so you can explore the sport without breaking the bank. Our beginner skateboards allow you to master basic tricks like ollies, kickflips, and pop shove-its. Our high quality products allow you to develop as a skater and challenge your skills.

Find Your Preferences - Create Your Perfect Skateboard

When you're ready to take your skating career to the next level, fine-tune your skateboard to your unique style and needs. Whether you prefer a longer or narrower board, higher or lower skateboard deck , loose or tight skateboard trucks , fresh new skateboard wheels , we have the components you need. Let your experience guide you and create the ultimate skateboard that suits you.

Discover the best selection of skateboards at ScootWorld. Regardless of your experience level, age or style, we have the perfect skateboard for you. Choose quality, choose passion and start your skating journey today.

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