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Stunt Scooter Forks 1 product
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    CORE SL IHC Løbehjul Forgaffel -

    CORE SL IHC Scooter Fork - Neochrome

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    Introducing the Ultimate Freestyle Scooter Fork: The Perfect Choice for Advanced Riders Are you ready to take your freestyle scooter game to the next level? Look no further than our high-performance one-piece fork, specially designed for freestyle scooters. With its sleek design and top-notch features, this fork is guaranteed to elevate your riding experience. Lightweight Aluminum Construction: Engineered for Advanced Riders Crafted from lightweight aluminum, our fork is perfect for advanced riders who demand the best. Its lightweight construction allows for maximum agility and control, giving you the edge you need to perform those jaw-dropping tricks. Say goodbye to heavy forks that weigh you down and hello to a new level of freestyle scooter excellence. IHC Compression: Unleash Your Full Potential Equipped with IHC compression, our fork ensures optimal performance and stability. This cutting-edge technology allows for seamless integration with your scooter, providing a smooth and responsive ride. Whether you're hitting the skate park or cruising the streets, our fork will keep you in complete control, allowing you to unleash your full potential. Threadless Fork: Compatible with the Latest Headsets Designed for the modern rider, our fork features a threadless design, making it compatible with the latest headsets. This means you can easily upgrade your scooter without any hassle. Stay ahead of the game and enjoy a seamless riding experience with our state-of-the-art fork. Key Features and Benefits: 1. Lightweight aluminum construction for maximum agility and control. 2. IHC compression for optimal performance and stability. 3. Threadless fork compatible with the latest headsets. 4. Designed for advanced riders who demand the best. 5. Suitable for wheels with a diameter of 110 or 120 mm. Upgrade your freestyle scooter with our high-performance fork and experience the thrill of pushing your limits. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our fork is designed to meet the needs of riders like you. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities. Technical Specifications: Material: Aluminum Compatibility: Wheels with a diameter of 110 or 120 mm Compression: IHC Headset Compatibility: Threadless Recommended Rider Level: Advanced Weight: Lightweight Don't settle for anything less than the best. Upgrade your freestyle scooter today and let our fork take you to new heights. Order now and experience the ultimate ride!

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Welcome to our extensive collection of front forks for stunt scooters! At ScootWorld, we have carefully selected the best fork brands that are designed to upgrade your scooter experience. Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting your journey into the world of trick scooters, we have the perfect forks for you.

We are proud to present an assortment of fork brands that include some of the most recognized in the industry. Our selection includes popular brands such as Striker Scooter Parts, Longway, Lucky and tilt, all known for their quality and innovation. These brands have established themselves as frontrunners in trick scooter accessories and continue to impress riders worldwide.

Our collection also spans different compression systems that allow you to customize your scooter configuration to your preferences. Whether you prefer HIC (Hidden Internal Compression), SCS (Standard Compression System) or IHC (Integrated Headset Compression), you will find the right choice here. We understand the importance of matching the right components to achieve the best performance on your trick scooter, and our range of front forks and compression systems make it easier than ever.

Explore our collection of trick scooter front forks and upgrade your riding experience today. Whether you're looking for a lightweight front fork, extra durability or the latest technology in compression systems, we've got what you're looking for. Our dedication to quality and functionality ensures you get the most out of every trick, jump and grind. Buy with confidence at and take your trick scooter adventures to new heights!

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