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Stunt Scooter Grips 1 product
  • 0.2kg
    Root Industries R2 Håndtag Til Løbehjul - Aqua Root Industries R2 Stunt Scooter Grips - Aqua Black Root Industries R2 Stunt Scooter Grips - Aqua Black

    Root Industries R2 Stunt Scooter Grips - Aqua Black

    5,95 € shipping
    Friday. 24. - Tuesday. 28. May

    Blødt og komfortabelt design med optimal grip, når du laver tricks Hvis du er på udkig efter nye håndtag til dit løbehjul eller BMX, og du foretrækker dem i et langt design med en blød følelse, passer R2 til dine behov. Længere håndtag i et langvarigt design God følelse og godt grip takket være deres bløde gummidesign Land tricks lettere med R2'erne, takket være deres lange design uden flanger Holdbare håndtag lavet af en slidstærk gummiformel Bar-ends kompatible med: Aluminium, Stål Håndtag længde: 17.3cm Materiale: Gummi Plugs: Inkluderet Flange: Flangeless Hårdhed: Medium Vægt: 150g

    324,00 Kč

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    • 17.3CM

Upgrade your Stunt Scooter with quality handles from top brands such as Striker Scooter Parts, Ethic and Odi

Welcome to our extensive collection of grips for stunt scooters at ScootWorld! If you're looking for the best handles to enhance your scooter experience, you've come to the right place. Our handpicked selection includes a wide spectrum of styles, colors and materials to suit every rider's preferences and needs.

We are proud to present handles from some of the most recognized brands in the scooter industry. Striker Scooter Parts, Ethic and Odi are all known for their exceptional quality and innovative designs. Our range includes a wealth of choices from these brands, so you can find the perfect handle to suit your style and technical preference.

Why Choose Handles for Stunt Scooters from Our Collection?

  1. Excellent Grip and Comfort: Our handles are designed with rider comfort and control in mind. Whether you prefer a soft and ergonomic design or a firmer grip, we have options to suit you.

  2. Durability and Durability: When riding a trick scooter, durability is essential. Our selected handles are made of high quality materials that resist wear and tear and guarantee long-lasting performance.

  3. Stylish Design: We understand the importance of expressing your style through your gear. That's why we offer a wide selection of colors and designs that allow you to adapt your trick scooter to your personal aesthetic.

How to Find the Perfect Handle

Choosing the right handle for your stunt scooter is all about finding the ideal combination of comfort, control and style. Use our convenient filtering options to narrow your choices by brand, color and material. If you need help or advice, our team of experts is always ready to help you make the best decision.

Whether you're an experienced rider looking for the latest in technology and design or a beginner looking to upgrade your gear, our collection has something for everyone. Browse our selection of trick scooter handles and take your scooter experience to the next level with quality products from Striker Scooter Parts, Ethic, Odi and many more.

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